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"It was all there - The hands-on firm but gentle manipulation, the invaluable year of experience, the comforting and uplifting moral support, the cheery welcoming and efficient staff, the spotless facility and therapy 'gym'. Forever thank you, Joel. You are the best!!"
Oct 08, 2021
"Great Office!!! Everyone is very nice, knowledgeable and efficient!"
Sep 16, 2021
"As someone who’s had four surgeries and attended physical therapy many more times than that across three states, I feel uniquely qualified to judge a physical therapy practice on its merits. And I can say without hesitation that Joel Scherr Physical Therapy provided me with the most outstanding, personalized treatment I have ever received. Aside from helping me rehab to 100% strength, which I’ve struggled to achieve for many years, Joel and his staff also helped me to overcome the psychological trauma that my injuries have created. The individual treatment rooms are an added bonus, and one can expect to receive personal care from Joel during each and every session. Undoubtedly, the time I spent there has helped me round a corner and set me on a path for a better, healthier life. If you are rehabbing from an injury, do not think twice about putting your trust in Joel and his staff."
Apr 14, 2021
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"I had no idea of what to expect from physical therapy for the painful and crippling back pain that I developed. After sev3eral months of therapy at joel Scherr's very personal direction I have arrived at a pain free state. There was not one thing that created this state but the caring and personal team that contributed to training me to walk, exercise and stretch the problem areas. I emphasize the ultimate team work contributing to my success. I felt each member of the staff took real care and concern of my outcome and sustained ability to control what took years to damage."
Apr 05, 2021
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"I have been coming to this office for over 1.5 years, and I am totally satisfied with their professionalism, and customer service. I highly recommend this physical therapist."
Feb 26, 2021
"Everyone at Joel Scherr Physical Therapy is great. Willie is a true professional."
Nov 06, 2020
"The staff at Joel Scherr Physical Therapy are amazing! In just a few months, my Physical Therapist Willy has done wonders for my neck and back pain. No matter how busy the office gets, Willy always takes his time with my treatment, and I leave the office feeling like a new person! Highly recommend!!!"
Oct 28, 2020
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"The best staff ever hands down! They are super friendly and very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend Dr.Scheer for all PT needs."
Oct 28, 2020
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"I got into a 3 way car accident earlier this year in my smart car (of course I was the car in the middle - ouch). I was all out of sorts for a while and eventually lucked into Joel's office where the bad luck finally came to an end. Though it wasn't a fast process (to my work's dismay), it took seconds of being treated here that I was in more then capable hands. Joel is a fantastic doctor who explains everything, doesn't mind questions, is very easy to communicate with and truly cares about his patients. This is also reflected on his entire staff from the assistants to the receptionists, all of whom personalize your experience, are always willing to help, and make you feel welcome during every appointment. I've been to a few PT offices in my day and most of them seem to treat you like cattle. Fortunately this office does just the opposite and puts your recovery and sanity first. I am happy to report that I am feeling much better these days and it's all thanks to my amazing experience with this particular office. I highly recommend Joel Scherr and his team to everyone looking for a quality physical therapist."
Jul 16, 2020
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"Joel Scherr is an excellent Physical Therapist. He does much of the PT himself and is very good at it. His staff is also excellent and is very knowledgeable. I would go to him again in a second. You should go also."
Jan 29, 2020
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"Joel Scherr and Vincent are both excellent PT's who are very good at treating patients and explaining what they are doing and why. The staff at this office are extremely professional, competent and efficient. All great things when you're injured and need that regular injection of hope that you are and will get physically better and stronger."
Nov 12, 2019
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"This physical therapist office stands out from all the others! The staff are one of a kind starting from the front desk to the assistants to the amazing Dr Scherr. You get treated like your the only one there and not just another patient. And he will always make sure you feel somewhat better before you leave. Definitely recommend him to everyone."
Oct 28, 2019
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"This physical therapist office stands out from all the others! The staff are one of a kind starting from the front desk to the assistants to the amazing Dr. Scherr. You get treated like your the only one there and not just another patient. And he will always make sure you feel somewhat better before you leave. Definitely recommend him to everyone. "
Oct 28, 2019
"My experience with Joel Scherr Physical Therapy has been excellent. Joel, somehow in his practice manages to find the time to listen to you, never cuts you off when you are speaking to him, has proven to me to have the wisdom & experience to help me get better. I am thank full to have met him & his staff for the service that are offered to me by them & looking forward to continuing my treatment with him & his staff, Garry Edelman"
Sep 02, 2019
Aug 16, 2019
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"I was in a motor vehicle accident and was first treated with my HMO PT. After a month I hit a roadblock and felt I wasn't getting any more progress. I had neck pain w/ limited range of motion, back pain, frequent headaches and tingling in my arm. Joel's hands-on approach helped get me back to my normal self. His office farther than I would like to drive however, the results I got from him outweighed the inconvenience of driving."
Aug 07, 2019
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"Joel Scherr first treated me in 2001 and gave me great medical care. Seventeen years later I needed PT after surgery and so returned to receive his excellent physical therapy. Joel provides honest, no-nonsense, quality medical treatment. With more than 30 years experience, Dr. Scherr handles any and all PT conditions with great caring, good humor, and complete effectiveness. You could not find a better physical therapy professional than him."
May 08, 2019
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"Joe Scherr Physical Theraphy , They really taking good care of thier client just like me . This is the Physical Theraphy Clinic that i am very thankful to be a part of them . Because off all places the i been go to my PT session this is the best place that i feel comfort and i feel that all the staff are really care of thier clients .. ."
Apr 13, 2019
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"Today was my first visit/treatment and it won’t be my last I definitely plan on returning for more treatment. Joel Scherr and his staff are awesome. Very clean and welcoming location. Joel Scherr is very passionate about his patients wellbeing on their road to recovery. I got all of this about Joel today from our initial meeting and treatment. Would recommend to anyone in need of physical therapy without hesitation. So glad to have become a new patient of Joel Scherr. Thank you and I’ll see you sooner than later."
Dec 28, 2018
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"This office is excellent. The staff are great and is well managed by the front desk, Bernice. I will refer my friends to come here."
Oct 31, 2018
"Joel Scherr Physical Therapists were kind and caring. It was a cheerful environment and I appreciated their help to accommodate any of my needs."
Oct 31, 2018
"Stellar experience. Absolutely wonderful staff. Couldn't have asked for a better experience."
Oct 31, 2018
"Great care, great staff, clean facility. I give this office a 10/10 and would definitely come back in the future."
Oct 31, 2018
"Astonishing! I really didn't believe my injury could actually be cured without something invasive being done. Doctor assured me that it could... Joel Scherr proved him to be correct. Mr. Scherr's physical therapy has taken me from being in pain most of the time, to being pain free most of the time! Gratefully, Janette"
Oct 24, 2018
"I was referred to Joel Scherr by my neurologist after I was hospitalized due to a serious disc herniation injury. I was in so much pain that I couldn't sit up right for more than a handful of minutes and wasn't able to drive my car or walk for more than a couple of blocks at most. Now I'm thrilled to report that I am not only pain-free, but I am also back to exercising and hiking after just a mere 11 sessions of PT. All of the staff members are really great and everyone I have worked with has been incredibly nice and accommodating. Highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a physical therapist!"
Oct 17, 2018
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"I have finally found a physical therapy center that is NOT committing fraud. I had bilateral hip replacement surgery amd went to 4 other PT offices before finally finding this great office...very professional and highly recommended"
Sep 07, 2018
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"Joel is a very knowledgeable physical therapist . I had two problems for him to solve. A perpetual tingling in my arm and plantar fasciitis. He and his staff were terrific. I 'm so thankful that both problems have been resolved."
Jul 14, 2018
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"The treatment, hospitality, and friendliness of the staff is amazing! The best physical therapists and the nicest people you will ever meet"
Jul 11, 2018
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"Joel and his staff are knowledgeable and conscientious when treating their patients. I am undergoing treatment for my neck and shoulder and am seeing great improvemts. The treatment and exercises in conjunction with each other has proven to be effective. Can’t thank them enough for their ongoing attention and assistance to better my movements and way of life."
Jun 25, 2018
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"The staff was extremely pleasant and very professional. My experience at this office was productive and rewarding!"
May 29, 2018
"I began my treatment for my neck and back with Joel Scherr in January after a serious accident. I thought my injuries were beyond fixing! 2 weeks into treatment I was feeling worse and I honestly had a meltdown during a therapy session. Joel assured me that he would fix my neck and back, and have me feeling even better than before the accident. After a little over 3 months of treatment. I am now feeling back to my pre accident self. I couldn’t be more grateful for him and his entire staff who was always prompt, friendly, and professional. I would definitely recommend. I hope I never need therapy again, but if I do I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!"
Apr 20, 2018
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"A more cheerful and helpful place I could never hope to find! I always looked forward to my treatments. Well done to the staff! Sylvia is great!"
Apr 09, 2018
"Joel and his staff are very attentive and very effective therapists. I had a stiff neck for years and through their guidance have I felt such incredible progress. I would highly recommend them"
Mar 16, 2018
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"The service was great and the staff was just wonderful. Thank you for getting me back to normal. I really feel great like never before."
Feb 09, 2018
"This has been the best experience that has happened to me in a long time, because someone took the time to help me. And, I thank you all because you really care about people and take the time to do it right. I truly thank you. "
Jan 16, 2018
"Joel and his staff have done a wonderful job literally getting my mom back on her feet. He has provided excellent care in strengthening her knee. He and his staff are friendly, caring people and their compassion has had a really positive effect on her recovery."
Jan 05, 2018
"The office is excellent, the staff are great, and is well managed by the front desk. I will refer my friends to come here."
Dec 14, 2017
"Great care, great staff, and a clean facility. I give this office a ten out of ten and would definitely come back in the future."
Dec 14, 2017
"Stellar experience and absolutely wonderful staff. Couldn't have asked for better experience."
Dec 14, 2017
"Joel Scherr physical therapy were kind and caring. It was a cheerful environment and I appreciated their help to accommodate any of my needs."
Dec 14, 2017
"Dr Scherr is approachable and a real professional. His staff is friendly and always there to help!"
Dec 05, 2017
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"Very helpful. Great treatment. Everyone was super nice."
Nov 06, 2017
"Joel and his team were great during every visit and I was able to take away some great info on how to keep my neck from becoming sore. My visits also greatly improved my posture!"
Sep 08, 2017
"Joel and his staff are so attentive and supportive. The treatment sessions are in-depth and specifically catered to your needs. I left there with my ankle/foot feeling much better and equipped with the knowledge and insight to keep it that way."
Sep 08, 2017
"Great service, professional people, clean facilities. Sylvia was amazing! I'm leaving the place feeling much better and knowing that they took care of me in the best possible way Thank you again!!"
Aug 22, 2017
"I had a wonderful time while being treated. All the exercises helped me improve and I feel fully confident to be on my own and keep strengthening my knee."
Aug 21, 2017
"From the moment you walk in the office and receive Berniece's gracious manner and smile to the cleanliness of the exercise roomâ€"this is a very professional therapy endeavor. Joel is very aware and alert and very sensitive and understanding of my issues and problems. They have helped me immensely and I would come here daily if I could. A special salute to "worthy" for her expert care."
Aug 11, 2017
"I love going to Joel Scherr's Physical Therapy office for my back treatment. Everyone there is personable and attentive to your needs. I always feel so much better when I leave with ultrasound, exercise, and Joel's healing hands that it becomes my place of refuge and calm for at least an hour."
Aug 11, 2017
"Dr Joel Scherr and his team were the best thing that could've happened to me after a car accident. They all are very patient, understanding and they know what they're doing. They take very good care of you and make you feel welcomed. I got back on my feet and I thank them for all of that. If you do need therapy that is the place to go."
Jun 16, 2017
"Sylvie was fantastic. Not only did she help me walk again, she helped me climb again. Everyone was helpful, scheduling was easy, and the personal attention was great. Thank you."
Jun 12, 2017
"Team Scherr PT is a wonderful group of talented, kind, strong, extremely knowledgeable therapists and assistants! I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart for helping put me back together after my accident! My team lead by Sylvia was wonderful. Thanks to all and I will miss all of you! Big hugs, Lisa."
Jun 12, 2017
"Thanks to Joel, i now understand how a few adjustments to how I walk, combined with some "do-at-home" exercises can make a difference-not only decreasing my pain-but positioning me for better long term health. One of the best investments of time and money I've made."
May 26, 2017
"I visited Joel after surgery for a broken ankle (with a metal plate and 8 screws). They had me walking in a boot on the first visit and walking without a boot on the third visit. The entire team genuinely cares and pushes you to get the most out of your recovery. After seven weeks, I can walk, jump and move around easily and unassisted. I can't recommend Joel and his team enough."
Apr 24, 2017
"When I first came in, I had very bad shoulder and neck pain. After all my treatment, I would recommend anyone to have their treatment done at this facility. Miss S. was very nice and she explained all the procedures with you. All staff are very nice also I appreciate everything."
Apr 10, 2017
"You guys were fantastic to work with. It was always welcoming here, a great place to relax and focus. I always felt encouraged to move on the the next exercise to get me well, even though it was hard. It was wonderful to be part of a team that cares so much. Thank you for everything! Many blessings to you all and god bless!"
Mar 22, 2017
"This has been a great experience under an unfortunate circumstance (recovery from a broken ankle). Sylvia and everyone have been very supportive and helped me to get back to my "normal". After 6 months, I am at the stage of thinking running a 5k event."
Mar 22, 2017
"My condition has improved very much in such a short time. My elbow stopped bothering with just two sessions. I am very thankful to Silvia Leigh Chad and her time for being so professional and caring."
Mar 10, 2017
"Wonderful caring staff. Great results - pain gone and program of exercises to continue."
Jan 06, 2017
"My experience here has exceeded all expectations. Sylvia and the staff were incredibly thorough and patient with my recovery, which made this a great experience. I actually enjoyed coming in 3 times a week! Thanks for all of the help and making my recovery so quick."
Jan 06, 2017
"Friendly staff. Sylvia's work on me brought me back from the brink. The exercises she taught me made all the difference."
Dec 23, 2016
"Excellent. I learned a lot and my walk has vastly improved. Everyone is wonderful and helpful here. I thank everyone for their care and attention which has helped me heal and keep my dog-walking job."
Dec 22, 2016
"Very good."
Dec 22, 2016
"Very good."
Dec 15, 2016
"Excellent. I learned a lot and my walk has vastly improved. Everyone is wonderful and helpful here. I thank everyone for their care and attention, which has helped me heal and keep my dogwalking job! Best wishes!"
Dec 15, 2016
"Friendly staff. Sylvia's work on me brought me back for the brink. The exercises she taught me made all the difference."
Dec 01, 2016
"Sylvia! What a positive experience. I had a small fracture in my ankle and Sylvia got me back to my normal self with her thoughtful attentive care. She's the best!"
Nov 08, 2016
"I was referred to Joel by my lawyer after a pretty traumatic car accident. Having never done physical therapy, I was unsure what to expect. From day one Joel made me feel like he had a real interest in my well-being. In addition to completely rehabilitating my neck, Joel helped me with my posture, looked at an injury of my boyfriend's, and even helped me find an eye doctor when I came in with an eye infection. All in all, Joel is one of the best doctors I have ever had. He is kind, patient, and professional. He takes great care of his patients and staff. 10/10! Thanks for everything!"
Oct 27, 2016
"I am extremely grateful for the treatment, care, and knowledge that I received here. I was in significant pain and experiencing a lot of anxiety when I arrived and my appointments really served as an anchor to help turn that around. Thank you!"
Oct 24, 2016
"I was lucky enough to get Joel through an authorization with the VA. The professionalism, attention to detail and care provided go above and beyond what one would expect. I will recommend Joel to friends and family and return, should I ever need to. Thank you and your staff for everything you have done!"
Aug 26, 2016
"I am back to myself again thanks to the staff of Joel Scherr. Special thanks and gratitude to my therapist Sylvia Chac. This woman is a small package with a big punch who know's her stuff! She is a gem. I owe it all to her for being healthy again. Peace, love and gratitude to the entire staff."
Aug 26, 2016
"Sylvia was amazing. I found her to be a crucial part of my healing process."
Jul 22, 2016
"Far, far exceeded all my expectations! Thanks Joel!"
Jul 13, 2016
"Everybody is super friendly. They will help you recover as fast as possible."
Jul 05, 2016
"Sylvia taught me lots of exercises that helped me for my problem and pain I have. Therapy helped me recover a lot. Everyone was very friendly and nice and very outstanding. Professional service I received, Thank you for the best therapy!"
Jul 05, 2016
"Very professional and caring. They listen and answer your needs and concerns . They are very peaceful and bring fun to you. They are flexible and determined to make you feel better. They are genuine human beings. Thank you for everything."
May 24, 2016
"Super great service; Sylvia was amazing and a very sweet person. Rehabbed my thumb back to full function and would recommend to all!"
May 17, 2016
"I'm so thankful I came to Joel Scherr for physical therapy. He and his team are incredible. They helped me avoid surgery for my knee after I was hit by a car. Before coming I couldn't walk or stand for more than 20 min. Now I'm able to jog on the treadmill and am almost back to where I was before the accident."
May 17, 2016
"To live without pain is a miracle and I thank Joel Scherr and his team for making this miracle happen. My pain was unbearable when I walked into Joel Scherr's office and I'm living pain free."
May 03, 2016
"I will say that if you are looking for an outstanding Physical Therapist..LOOK NO MORE. Joel Scherr and his team are absolutely the best at what they do - I felt totally confident after my initial visit because I knew Joel knew what he was doing and that I would be in the very best hands to work with me on my frozen shoulder. And I was right - I now have full motion use of my shoulder - ..and I owe it to Joel and his team. I don't normally write these reviews..but I feel it is important for me to spread the word about him."
Apr 23, 2016
"Since moving to LA 10 years ago, I've been to 12 physiotherapists and chiropractors for an ongoing shoulder issue that no one was able to treat, but of course they were all happy to charge me for their failure. It took Joel Scherr a few minutes to identify my problem, and after massaging life into a few rock-solid muscles, relief swept over me. My pain levels went from 7-8 to 0-1 immediately. The treatment rooms are excellent and the staff are a delight but, quite frankly, I wouldn't care if they all growled at me. I'm cured!!!!"
Mar 18, 2016
"SInce moving to LA 10 years ago, I've been to 12 physiotherapists and chiropractors for an ongoing shoulder issue that no one was able to treat, but of course they were all happy to charge me for their failure. It took Joel Scherr a few minutes to identify my problem, and after massaging life into a few rock-solid muscles, relief swept over me. My pain levels went from 7-8 to 0-1 immediately. The treatment rooms are excellent and the staff are a delight but, quite frankly, I wouldn't care if they all growled at me. I'm cured!!!!"
Mar 18, 2016
From Google
"The important thing in therapy is finding someone who knows what they're doing and that is what you find in Joel Scherr and his staff. They are the best you can go to get back up and running"
Mar 08, 2016
"Joel and Bobby have me feeling better after just a few sessions. I've had this injury for a long time and they're helping me to understand it and correct it! "
Jan 12, 2016
From Google
"In May 2015 I tore my Achilles tendon. After surgery I had the chore of finding a good therapist. I found a GREAT one. Joel Scherr. Dr. Scherr, Bobby and the entire staff were amazing. I was apprehensive at first, but they put me at ease and told me EXACTLY what I needed to do to get back to 100%. I worked my butt off all thanks to their patience and guidance. If you require a physical therapist that is not only good at what he does and is invested in who you are and what you need, Dr. Joel Scherr and his fantastic staff will help you get the results you desire."
Dec 24, 2015
"Excellent care. Empathy, professionalism and expertise. All in one place. PT is never a picnic, but if you need it, go see Joel and company. It's the next best thing."
Oct 21, 2015
"Have been coming to see Joel for over 5 years on and off and I have found him and his staff efficient and well trained and have received nothing but the best of care. Highly recommend this office for your physical therapy."
Oct 12, 2015
"When I arrived at Dr. Joel's I could hardly walk. I had a bone spur on both heels which had affected my gait and stature. I couldn't see how therapy could help but now, several weeks after therapy I can walk and experience no pain. The staff is amazingly gentle and considerate. Dr Joel was terrific, patient, and informative. I am now convinced that physical therapy should always be a first consideration. Thank you. Dr Joel"
Aug 22, 2015
"I came in to be treated for a neck injury that I sustained 4 months ago. Initially, I did not feel any pain, but there was some tightness to my neck along. I did feel pain as time went on. Joel provided treatment to my neck for a period for 4 months, and over time the tightness went away. He discussed how if I kept it untreated, it would get worse when I got older. I'm glad I came in for treatment. The staff was amazing, accommodating, helpful, and friendly. I thought I was going to die after my first visit, but I'm alive now to write this review."
May 06, 2015
"I appreciate how Joel zeroed in accurately on what needed to be strengthened and loosened. Bobby was also invaluable."
Apr 10, 2015
"Great staff and amazing support!"
Apr 08, 2015
"Great help, great people."
Apr 03, 2015
"Joel and the staff are great! I couldn't be happier with the whole process."
Apr 01, 2015
"Joel is without a doubt the best in LA. I have been to a couple of other PT offices for my lower back pain and they couldn't do much. Joel was able to fix that in just a month, I can walk straight now without the pain. Everyone in the office are kind and considerate. I can't make enough recommendations."
Mar 06, 2015
"Joel sherr and his practice are caring and very helpful"
Feb 11, 2015
"I have been in chronic pain for over 26 years, so I have had my fair share of quality physical therapists work on my body. I find that Dr. Scherr stands out in warmth and caring, which is no small feat in our world where patients are routinely treated like numbers that get "processed." I never feel rushed at Dr. Scherr's practice. The entire staff comes across as human and real, interacting well and naturally with one another, in an atmosphere of friendly pleasant helpfulness and expertise. No matter what my symptoms are on any given visit, I leave feeling well and stress free."
Feb 11, 2015
"Staff is great from the moment you walk in. Joel and his team are the best. They made my recovery the most comfortable and pleasant experience. They make you feel like family and really care about your results. I am truly thankful."
Jan 14, 2015
"From the moment you walk in the staff is super professional and friendly. Joel and his team are the best . They really care about your progress and results. They are with you every step of the way. They take care of you like you're part of the family. I would definitely recommend their services!!!"
Jan 14, 2015
"I have been a patient of Joel for a long time and I would recommend them every time because of their excellent treatment their given me, for having knowledgable therapist especially Angela. The whole staff are amazing, very helpful and attentive. I feel better much my pain is gone. "
Nov 29, 2014
"I've been in and out of physical therapy for over 10 years with issues from car accidents. I first went to see Joel with some lower back pain and he helped alleviate my injury. Joel and his staff always go the extra mile for my treatment and make sure I'm progressing and follow up to make sure I'm doing ok. I'm very thankful that I found him and would recommend him to anyone in need of physical therapy"
Nov 19, 2014
"The entire staff at Joel Scherr's office was pleasant and attentive! I completed my therapy with Angela and couldn't ask for better care. She was thorough and patient throughout the entire process and walked me through the necessary steps in order to prevent future issues. Perfect care and would highly recommend Angela!"
Nov 17, 2014
"Jeanette and team are simply amazing. From the moment i started coming here, i have felt completely welcome and cared about. Joel is compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective. I am so lucky to have found this wonderful place!"
Nov 14, 2014
"Joel and his office staff are knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I have referred several patients to Joel and will continue to do so, as he is extremely patient and kind!"
Nov 12, 2014
"Joel and his staff is the great jeanette was great on the phone and joel hes amazing with guiding and helping me with physical therapy, and the girls are so sweet everyone keeps me coming back."
Nov 07, 2014
"I was lucky enough to find Dr. Scherr. Both he and his staff are great."
Nov 06, 2014
"Joel and the staff here are amazing , i highly reccormend them."
Oct 31, 2014
"Empowering! If i could give them another star i would. Joel is at the top of his profession. Ive been going there for 2 months now & love it. The whole staffis attentive, knowledgeable, and personable. When i came to see joel i could barely walk. I came to see him with a bad case of ankle tendonopathy and after my first visit my pain started to diminish and today was my first day running again with no pain. I can't say enough about him. He is a true healer. Five stars absolutely. If you're looking to heal your condition-look no further. His magic hands will get you back on the road to recovery"
Oct 31, 2014
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