About Us

Joel Scherr Physical Therapy has been in private practice since March of 1979. We are committed to the latest scientific advances provided through high quality, individual, caring services. At our clinic you will see the same therapist from initial evaluation until time of discharge so you can maintain continuity of care. We are constantly taking continuing education course so we can offer you the latest treatment programs and give you the utmost care. We look at the whole body, not just the part that is injured.

We utilize our in-depth knowledge to examine and accurately determine the cause of the patient's problem and then design a treatment plan to correct the problem. Common treatments used are soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and functional therapeutic exercises to help maintain the achieved improvements. We believe it is important to instruct and guide patients in understanding their injuries and learning how to prevent future occurrences.Our ultimate goal is to provide treatment and education that enables our patients to perform at their highest level at home, in the office, or on the sports field.